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Follow the steps below to join the Front team.

1.  Set up an account to pull the initial $145 set up fee & ongoing $45 per month with PaySimple.  

2.  After #1, you should receive a DocuSign package from with Brokerage Policies & Procedures to review & sign.  You'll need to opt in if you want to add a premium website + CRM ( for $75 per month or email for $10 per month.  Click here for an explanation of major terms in the P&Ps, but also call if you have any questions before signing.

3.  To get fully set up with TREC, you'll either accept the TREC invite on your email or login to My License Services on the top right of the TREC homepage & request sponsorship from Front #9008236.

4.  Make sure your Board of Realtors know that you're officially with Front!  We're primary local board members of  Arlington (ARBOR) as of 1.1.24.  Your local board membership, Texas Realtors, National Association of Realtors, NTREIS (MLS) and Supra access will be handled here.  If you haven't joined yet, make sure to get your application completed.  Don't see yours, let Amy know & we can discuss options.

<< We're starting with JOINTLY in 1st Quarter 2024 so get with Amy about how to start there instead of with ZipForms & SkySlope.  Yay! >>

5.  You should get an email from ZipForms with your new Front login which should be FirstName.LastName.  If you don't get it, try hitting the "forgot password" option with that username.  In addition to DigitalInk signing software, that ZipForms account will get you access to the optional company templates that give you a starting place on forms for both buyers & sellers.  Click here for an intro video to get started.

6.  SkySlope should send you an email with login information as well.  SkySlope is our repository for all documents to send for compliance and is mandatory for documents to be entered in within 4 days of signing so make sure you have access.  It's an easy program but here is a YouTube explaining about how to get started.

7.  Confirm that BrokerBay has your updated brokerage information.  In D/FW, the cost is free through your MLS fees.  If you'd rather use ShowingTime+ (a Zillow company), that's fine too.  Just get with them to make sure they have your info.

8.  If you're interested in setting up a Seller Shield account for sellers to have an option to fill out their disclosure documents online, our agent verification code is frontrealestate.

9.  Unless you're joining a team, shoot Amy an email with your headshot so she can add to website.

10.  Friend Amy Cearnal on FB then we'll add you to the convo on our private group Front Agents.  Check out the files section too for logos, presentation templates, referral agreements, preferred vendors and more!

11.  Start showing your Front brand on your email signature, Facebook & LinkedIn profiles plus anywhere else people may be looking for you!  IABS needs to be linked to any online social media profiles

12. You need swag!  Lots of items available for the whole family.

13.  Order a custom Front name badge for under $20.

14.  Moo has Front business card templates if you’d like to start there.

15.  Signs are available via Lowen template or from whatever company you prefer.  We also have an inventory of signs available for $100 each.  Sign calls that come into the company will not be passed on so consider doing your own number & sign.  Sign riders with agent name & phone number are usually red with white letters 6" x 24".

16.  Our agents love creating their own marketing pieces through Canva, Vistaprint, Fiverr or whatever marketing firm you'd like to represent your personal brand.  If you have any questions on TREC compliance, shoot Amy an email with proposed piece.

17.  When you share properties online use the links through or your individualized premium BoomTown website for the most brand awareness.

18.  If you're interested in a BlueCross Blue Shield health insurance quote, shoot Don Duke at Coble Cravens a message with your birthday & include any family members info with birthdays too.  There are 5 age rated plans to choose from but no health questionnaire required.  

19.  If you're a team lead, shoot Amy an email with your DBA for your team name so we can get it registered with TREC.  Amy also needs the Team Agreement signed by all on your team.

20. Bookmark and you'll find dates plus lots of training & FAQs that can help you get started.  Ask Amy for the password if you haven't received.

21.  Last thing is make sure you add contact info for Amy 817-513-5033 to your phone so you can call when needed.

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